Working on Model Shots

Women wearing a striped resin and silver earring

As many of you know, I am in the process of moving my studio; things are rather up in the air at the moment and I spend half my time wandering around looking for tools. So, it has been a time to get some much-needed other jobs done and that includes paperwork, website updates and most importantly photography. Working as maker definitely means you have to wear main job hats.

You will often find Ric, Rupert the dog and I wandering along the beaches taking snaps of my jewellery but last week it has all been about model shots.

I am lucky enough to have wonderful friends and family who have been willing models (or mostly willing). It has been an exciting process to really look and see how my work sits on the human body and how light effects the colours in the Surfite when you move. It has given me a new love for the clear sections of the Surfite as it really helps to make the coloured stripes pop.

Hopefully these images will help you visual better how my pieces will look when you are wearing them.

"Got them in today and I love them - perfect" - Gina, Manchester